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Multi Effect Evaporation Plants

Multi-Effect Evaporation Plant is a series of Evaporators (No. of effects vary depending on the Feed Rate and Feed Characteristics).The vapor of the previous effect are used as heating medium for the subsequent effect thereby utilizing steam and avoiding energy release to the atmosphere.
A Thermo Vapor Re-compressor to increase the temperature of the motive steam which significantly increases the efficiency of the Evaporator and reduces the Energy costs at the same time. The feed with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is converted to high TDS after Multi-Effect Evaporation and is transferred to drying section for recovery of Solids.




Effluent Treatment in all the Industries viz. chemical ,petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, textiles, power, food and beverages, cosmetics, fertilizers, sugar, liquor, paper and pulp where waste water is generated consistently due to process demands
Sugar and Sugarcane juice concentration
Black Liquor Recovery
Wood Pulp Manufacturing
Salt Production
Water desalination
A Static Simulation of a Triple Effect Evaporation Plant:


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