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Vapor Re-compressors

Thermo Vapor Re-compressor:
To reduce energy consumption, water vapor from an evaporator is entrained and compressed with high pressure steam in a Thermo Vapor Re-compressor (TVR) so it can be condensed in the evaporator heat exchanger. The resultant pressure is intermediate to that of the motive steam and the water vapor. A TVR is similar to a steam-jet air ejector used to maintain vacuum in an evaporator.
Mechanical Vapor Re-compressors:
The mechanical vapor compressor is a fast revolving high pressure fan (?3000 rpm) capable of operating under vacuum. At low boiling temperatures the volume of the vapors is enormous. Consequently, there is a limit as to the lowest temperature levels used in practice. As the energy applied to the compressor is utilized most efficiently by low compression ratios, the obtained temperature/pressure in-crease is limited.As an alternative to the thermo vapor re-compressor, the mechanical vapor compressor has experienced extensive use in evaporators during the past fifteen years. Electricity is often the selected source of energy for the compressor, but also diesel motors are used.
Advantages of Vapor Re-compressors:
Increased efficiency of evaporation plant
Reduced Operational Costs
Single effect Evaporation Plants
Multi-Effect Evaporation Plants

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